Science Can’t Explain Everything

By Karen Thorp

The worst insult is said; “you haven’t a brain in the head!” But that is the very claim of many scientists. These scientists point to physics and chemistry as the explanation for everything but neither physics nor chemistry can explain our brain or how it can learn, retain information, solve problems, imagine and adapt to change.

Physics can define matter, motion, and energy and chemistry explains the composition of matter and the changes it undergoes as a result of chemical reactions. Our brain is way more sophisticated; it’s like a computer, though it’s not a computer, the computer was programmed to think by a human, but who programmed the human brain to think?

Let’s experiment with this newspaper for an example. Physics and chemistry played its part in the creation of this paper; the process is sedimentation and clustering of fibres. The ink has the correct ingredients to achieve precise colour, flow, thickness and drying. Now look closer and see the markings arranged on this page created by the ink in the form of characters and words. You say; “no!” You’re right, the ink didn’t make these lines and curves, they were arranged on the page by a person with a brain. To understand the message on this page there needs to be a code that can be learned and translated. This is outside of physics and chemistry, it takes intelligence to achieve such complexity and sophistication.

Back to the computer. Intelligent man has tried to recreate the human brain forever. The computer is the closest yet it’s a long way off, a computer has no feelings, it can’t be innovative, it can’t will itself to move to another desk and when it’s sick it has no immune response to recover.

More can be said about the complexity of the brain but I am limited to 350 words to make a point. In finishing I am safe to say these scientists who stubbornly persist in applying reckless faith to explain everything with physics and chemistry prove to us a faith in a superior designer like God is much more reliable.

Picture of Karen Thorp

Karen Thorp

Assistant Pastor Karen Thorp has been part of the Grace Chapel family for nearly 40 years first becoming a Christian at 12. Ps Karen has been involved with the church newsletter, kids ministry, youth ministry and even serving from 2010 as Pastor Christopher Chetland’s secretary and recently appointed the position as Assistant Pastor in 2021.