Welcome to Grace Kids!

At Grace Chapel, our children’s ministry is called Grace Kids.
Our mission is to empower generations to win generations. We believe no one is too young to have a personal relationship with God. Therefore it is our aim to create an atmosphere of fun and faith where kids can learn, grow and connect.

What we do


Our desire is to see each child connect with Jesus. The Sunday School program begins after the main Praise and Worship session.

​Each session starts with a time of prayer which children can choose to partake in if they want.


We believe in fun. We aim to create positive memories and relationships through play, learning and activities.


​The Word of God is the central focus throughout our children’s program.

​​Each Sunday, children are taught lessons created straight from God’s word.


We encourage children to ask the hard questions about God and the world they live in.

​We believe these are special moments of leaning which are unique to our children’s program.