Guarding the Heart

Ilene Page Talked on relationships (Proverbs 4:23) she talked on guarding our hearts by filtering what we watch on TV and the music we listen to, choosing our friends carefully and being careful to choose clothes that are modest. She reminded us that we should be careful not to act on our emotions when mixing with the opposite sex, that dating is something we do when we just want to be wanted by someone and there is more to love than the act of sex. We need to pray for a long life partner and opt for courtship as an alternative to dating because it should be a time of learning about the other person without involving emotional and physical contact. This way we can keep ourselves pure for the right one we’ll marry one day. We will know when we find the right one because we are listening to the Pastor, our parents opinions and God’s guidance. The devil comes to pull us down (John 10:10) God wants to bring us up. Jesus came to give us life in abundance (John 3:16) our God is a relationship God and He is also a jealous God, if we follow His perfect plan for relationships and keep Christ in the centre then our lives will experience the blessings that God has planned for us.