About us.

At Grace Chapel we are a friendly, supportive and faithful community of believers from all walks of life.

There are lots of things we do here such as supporting young families through our weekly programs. Not only that, but we have started multiple overseas programs supporting the needy and providing hope and joy to God’s Global family.

Our vision is that we can support you and your family in every aspect not just through our Sunday Programs but our daily programs.

We believe everyone has a purpose and destiny and we want to help you achieve your greatest self.


Our Staff

Here at Grace Chapel we strongly believe in serving the church and serving our community. We want to make available as many opportunities for people to volunteer and serve alongside our staff team.

Even those serving on our staff team, including our pastors, are all volunteers passionate about serving Christ and the children of Christ.

Pastoral Team

Senior Pastors Peter & Janice Muir have been serving at Grace Chapel since 2018 originally as Associate Pastors but accepted the appointment as Senior Pastors in 2021. Pastors Peter and Janice pastor two church communities, Grace Chapel, and their original fellowship at Yarram Community Church and love doing so! Pastor Peter is a full-time builder and Pastor Janice is a casual relief teacher at Chairo Christian School. Pastors Peter and Janice invite you to contact them directly; Janice: 0400 425 250.

Assistant Pastor Karen Thorp has been part of the Grace Chapel family since the “80’s”. Pastor Karen started serving from 2010 as Pastor Christopher Chetland’s secretary and recently appointed the position as Assistant Pastor in 2021 helping Pastors Peter and Janice Muir. Karen: 0432 189 911.

Coming up at Grace Chapel

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